Prime Performance Technologies, Inc. (PPT) builds robust and resilient wireless communications infrastructures for government and commercial organizations, provides professional infrastructure support services and enables new functionality for the mobile workforce.

PPT is a small, privately-owned, business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1991. It is a full service organization, providing initial requirements analysis, design, implementation, and full life-cycle maintenance.

Our technical team is experienced in a wide range of wireless communications technologies and has established a reputation for delivering cost-effective, reliable and secure solutions across a wide variety of commercial businesses and government organizations. We understand the need for interoperability, flexibility, path diversity and security in communications systems and we design networks and deliver systems that address needs in all these areas.

We are known as a "five-nines" outdoor wireless engineering company. We design and deploy wide-area wireless networks that meet or exceed 99.999% up-time, a metric that is identical to that which telephone carriers strive for.

PPT holds a Master Contract with the State of Maryland for Microwave, Ancillary Equipment and Services. This contract is mandatory for Maryland State Agencies and available to all government entities in Maryland. The contract expires in August 2015.

By our unwavering dedication to the design and implementation of well-engineered infrastructures and reliable, professional support we have earned the status as a "go-to" partner in the mid-Atlantic region for many prominant wireless systems manufacturers.

PPT is certified as a small business by the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia (SWaM).